Halloween All The Time

by Eddie Golden III

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Luis Guzman
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Luis Guzman This album has to be my favorite gem I discovered on bandcamp. It's perfect in so many ways, halloween is in fact all the time, I only hope he conjures more spooky tunes just like these. Favorite track: R.I.P..
xackson thumbnail
xackson I think this is what heroin is supposed to feel like. Tie a noose, jerk me off, then kick the stool from beneath my feet when I climax, please. Good work sir. Favorite track: Some Things Die.
Maverick Summers
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Maverick Summers This is such an awesome album. I showed all of my friends immediately. It's the perfect blend of spooktastic psych-rock. Favorite track: Some Things Die.
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Another album for those who long to be spooked by a real ghost. This time, however, the ghost may be that of someone from your past.


released October 30, 2013

recorded July to October 2013
Watertown, Connecticut

"Parachute" originally by The Pretty Things



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Eddie Golden III Connecticut

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Track Name: Halloween All The Time
Halloween all of the time,
I am the devil, my lady a ghost.
Skeletons waltzing, they're dancing in time,
I can hear this song.

"Halloween all of the time" gets you off.

You were the strangest girl I ever knew,
I wanted to be your man.
We fell in love and the rest of our lives
were based on the day of the dead.
Track Name: R.I.P.
There's a ghost who watches me,
waiting till I go to sleep.
There's a ghost who watches me,
now I cannot rest in peace.

Let the ghost stand on my neck,
let me be dead.
Let me die.

There's a woman at my door,
and I've seen her face before.
There's nothing in my room
but the scent of her perfume.

There's nowhere you can hide
from an old friend who has died.
My vision starts to blur
and I fall asleep with her.
Track Name: Old Man from New Haven
Looking for a prophet or
a prophecy to prophesy
the rest of my life.
Met a wise man
on the beach who tried to tell me,
tried to teach.
I was young, didn't know better.

Hold on, never let go,
let's do it again.
Do it right!

Found what I was looking for,
I had it all along.
She was my girl, she couldn't be better.
One day I thought I could make it
on my own. What did I know,
I was wrong, I should've known better.
Track Name: Parachute
White ice towers, slow dissolving,
now fall,
below savage moon,
Iron cities soon to rust.
Warned first by the gathering shadows.
They fled
from wide vapor deserts
they turned turned towards the sea.
Pale worn the walking, pass
through concrete glades.
Torn shadows, slashed silence.
Track Name: Some Things Die
Holy woman in the hall, she's vacant.
Rest in pieces on my wall, remember.
She loves to bring me down. She loves me.
She lives beneath the ground. I've found her.

Some things die.

I look into her eyes, it's magic.
She likes to watch me die. She's lovely.
Track Name: Friendly Ship
Friendly ship,
a collection of boats and shanties,
with seafood and clams
on the marina in Cape Cod.
Lap steel and cold beer,
pinewood woman on the stairs,
further out whistling
seagull, longs for salt in air.
Water and waves,
long lost, never quite the same again.
Track Name: My Ghost
I'm gonna die on Cape Cod tonight.
If I don't, where will my lonely soul go?
How am I going to know?
I love the way the graves meet the bay,
and I know that's where my body will rot,
cling to the treasure I've got.

Must I be departing now?
Must I be?

I haunt the place that I let the days
pass me by, wondering if it was real,
twisting and turning the wheel.
I'll never fade, just pass away.
I'll be here, walking the beaches at night,
holding my lady in white.

I'm gonna stay, I won't go away,
you can see, I've come to tell you, my friend.
It's where I belong in the end.
Wait for the sun to rise in the dawn.
Purple sky. "Here lies the body of Ed,
though we don't believe that he's dead."
Track Name: Holy Stucco
Holy stucco makes my bed
safe to practice being dead.
In the basement beneath the mess,
empty casket - place to rest.

I'll get there fine by being your friend.

"Aloha Hawaii" you used to go,
"I'm young and able." Now I know.
I am devoted to a maiden,
knows I love her, knows I'm takin' my time.

I will never love again, no.
That boy Eddie is quite the kid.
That boy Eddie is the quiet kid.
Track Name: Wellfleet Harbor
Well, I find myself just burning bridges
I think I'll never cross.
To think of the friends I've lost.
To think of the girl I lost.

Can't you just see that we should be together,
floating around on Cape Cod bay forever?
(Wellfleet Harbor)
It's a shame how I love you
and I know I can't have you.
Why can't you see the beauty in the water?
Why can't you see the wonder of the bay?

I'm alone - how I miss you.
On the bay - I can't have you.
I'll be there waiting for you
if you care. You don't have to.